If you’ve landed on this blog post, it’s probably because you’re deciding whether or not to pay for the MiloTree plug-in, a pop-up for WordPress designed to get more social media followers or email subscribers.

I’ve used the MiloTree plug-in to grow my Pinterest and Instagram following, and I’ve shared a review below!

[Note: I am an affiliate for MiloTree! If you choose to purchase based on my recommendation, please use my link. I will still share a **very** honest review, because MiloTree isn’t a fit for all bloggers!]

Overview of MiloTree Review

  • My Blog Traffic & Who I am || It’s important…

Review of “Perfecting Blogging” From @BySophiaLee

Hello there! If you’ve landed on this blog post, then it likely means that you’re considering taking “Perfecting Blogging” from By Sophia Lee.

Cost of Course: $220 ish (I bought this course and the Pinterest course)

Time to Complete: 2 Weeks

I’ve just finished the course, so today I’m sharing a review + my thoughts on whether the course will be a fit for you! I am an affiliate for this course, which has incentivized me to write a review — and I’m gonna be SUPER honest about whether or not I think it’s worth the money.

Today, I wanted to shift gears a little bit and provide some insight and instruction to small businesses who are interested in influencer marketing. My inbox is FULL of small biz owners and solopreneurs who are INTRIGUED by influencer marketing — but also frightened.

So, today, I wanted to share my process and tips for leveraging influencer marketing for your business!

Note: When I talk about “influencer marketing” in this post, I specifically mean using online content creators (bloggers) to help sell product or grow brand awareness.

If you find this post helpful and want help building your influencer program…

I have been sharing my learnings and failings as a white ally over on my Instagram this week, and I have been getting questions from other white influencers on how/if they should be leveraging their platforms.

“Should I just not post anything? I don’t want to distract people?”

“What if I post the wrong thing? What if I make a mistake and people get mad at me?”

I wanted to create a “real talk” space around how we can leverage our platforms and support ending police brutality. …

I’ve worked in influencer marketing for the last few years. I run my own platform (here), and I also coach influencers and help brands set up sponsorships.

With spring travel canceled, and summer travel looking like it’s not going to happen, a lot of travel bloggers are FREAKING OUT about what to post. Or if they even SHOULD post right now.

Now is not the time to go dark on your channels! You’ve worked really hard to get here, and you don’t want to lose that momentum. People aren’t traveling, but they are PLANNING future travel. …

I know marketers are wondering “HOW TO HECK DO I MARKET DURING COVID-19?” Sure, Lysol is having a blast, but most of us are seeing sales plummet.

I’ve been talking to folks at agencies, freelancers and CMO’s. Here’s what tactics are working to continue doing business as the world freaks out:

(Aside: I’m a marketing consultant who is also a fashion influencer. You can hang with me on twitter, and check out my consulting site here.)

Importance of Live & Streaming Content

Most of the ideas below utilize live or streaming content. Facebook Live, Twitch, etc, are going to be critical in a time where we…

Freaking out about paused and canceled brand partnerships? Here are some strategies to make up for. the lost income.

As someone who is an influencer, coaches influencers AND manages influencer campaigns for brands –

this last week has been a CLUSTER FUCK. Excuse my French, but this is SERIOUS.

Brands are having to reposition and pause campaigns, out of respect for stressed and freaked out customers. Campaigns are being canceled and paused right and left, and influencers are watching their income, their LIVELIHOODS, be put at risk.

Okay, so, what’s an influencer to do to make up for that lost revenue? Below, I’ve shared 5 actionable ways to help influencers get through this stressful time.

Stressful times require us…


This is a WHOLE concept that is hotly debated in the influencer marketing industry. I designed a whole course on negotiating rates with brands and pitching, because there’s THAT much info to share.

<< Want to level up in your influencer game? Check out my ebook, How to Become an Influencer, here. Be sure to subscribe to my email list to learn when it’s held next!!>>

We’ve all spent wayyyyyy too much time taking those fun Buzzfeed quizzes, am I right?

While I’m not stoked about that lost time, I DO love the concept of quizzes — and how they can be used to drive customer engagement, grow a social media following and an email list.

I decided I wanted to test out doing a Facebook quiz for my blog (so I can share data, can’t do that with client info!), and I was really interested if the CPA (cost per acquisition) for email and social follows would be lower using a quiz.

— → Short…

There’s a joke in the LGBTQ+ community, that dating after you come out is like going through junior high again.

Growing up in rural Utah, everyone else got their awkward dating jitters out in junior high and high school. Freak outs over texting, awkward crush confessionals, etc etc.

And when you start dating as an LGBTQ+ person, alllll those junior high feels enter stage right — and it is a FEELINGS PARTY.

The confetti is feelings.

And mine showed up with GUSTO when I came out. (That whole story is here.)

[Note: I’m using “coming out” in this context to…

Brianne Huntsman

Queer feminist and activist. Designer via @Stanford. Freelance creative & consultant. Here to raise a little hell. www.thehuntswomangroup.com

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