Working with my career coaching clients, they are often STOKED to leave their current job (makes sense, that’s why we’re working together, lol!). And, while they’re excited to quit their current job — they often ask me, “Do you have, like, a job resignation plan? How do I quit my job?”

I’m seeing a LOT of people getting ready to quit their 9–5, mostly because their current employer is expecting them to be 100% in-office after a year of showing that remote work, well, works.

Yeaaaah, fuck that.

This is SUCH a great question, and folks usually just type up…

Being a plus size fashion blogger and engineer means that for a LONG time I didn’t think it was possible to find a strapless bra that came in an H cup.

Lord knows that I *TRIED* to find one, ordering just about anything that came up in my social media ads, from the sticker bras (ouch) to “strapless” bras that had as much support as a bralette.


Fast forward a few years, and I found a solution!

I tweeted about needing a plus size strapless bra in an H cup, and Curvy Couture Intimates sent me this one!

Next Level Engineering


Summer is almost here, and I’ve been looking at plus size summer rompers online, looking for super cute plus size rompers with shorts for spring and summer.

Plus Size Summer Rompers

I’ve been super frustrated while looking for plus size rompers, because the size charts vary so much! So, today I’m sharing a round up of my fave size 20 (ish) plus size rompers that will fit me, in a 3X, 4X or 5X!

Let’s get started!

#1: Black Floral Plus Size Summer Romper from Amazon! ($22.99)

y’all, I just LOVEEEEE a dark floral print. Truly, it’s my weakness.

I found a bunch of plus size rompers on Amazon, with a variety of dark…

Looking for plus size swimsuits, but feel stumped on where to find in them? In this blog post, I share where to shop for plus size swimsuits!

In each section, I’ve included the style of plus size swimsuits each brand carries (plus size tankinis, plus size bathing suits, one piece swimsuits, etc), as well as info on pricing and sizing. The goal is to make this blog post the ULTIMATE guide to plus size swimsuits, so be sure to bookmark it!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links!

#1 Plus Size Swimsuit Brand: Torrid

Torrid is one of the most popular plus size swimsuit brands, and…

It can be super overwhelming to find plus size swimsuits on Amazon — there are so many dang options!!

I’m a plus size blogger who has bought a LOT of plus size tankinis and plus size two piece swimsuits from Amazon. In this post, I’m sharing my top 3 favorite swimsuits.

#1: Red Plus Size High Waist Two Piece with Crossy Straps ($28.99)

I wrote a book for you! // Note: Post contains affiliate links!

TLDR: Are you looking for a super helpful book that details how to become an influencer? Want to become an Instagram influencer, but aren’t sure how to make money? Googling, “How to become a blogger on Instagram?” and finding…. zero helpful info, but lots of vague tips?

I got you!!!

I wrote this book (HERE) for you! It’s $7.99, and I’ve packed it with ~20,000 words of information I wish I had had when I got started as an influencer, over on my lifestyle and fashion influencer platform, The Huntswoman!

Below, I’ve shared what’s inside of the book, who I…

If you’ve found this post, you’re probably doing a bunch of research, trying to figure out what the HECK to pack for Hedonism.

Currently, I’m planning my first trip to Hedo — and I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed! I decided to write this post to share a bunch of info on going to Hedonism II (what to pack, where to buy slutwear, how to book at Hedo, etc) and I’ll be updating this post as I learn new things.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, and I may earn a small 2–3% commission if you purchase something using…

If you’ve landed on this blog post, it’s probably because you’re deciding whether or not to pay for the MiloTree plug-in, a pop-up for WordPress designed to get more social media followers or email subscribers.

I’ve used the MiloTree plug-in to grow my Pinterest and Instagram following, and I’ve shared a review below!

[Note: I am an affiliate for MiloTree! If you choose to purchase based on my recommendation, please use my link. I will still share a **very** honest review, because MiloTree isn’t a fit for all bloggers!]

Overview of MiloTree Review

  • My Blog Traffic & Who I am || It’s important…

Review of “Perfecting Blogging” From @BySophiaLee

Hello there! If you’ve landed on this blog post, then it likely means that you’re considering taking “Perfecting Blogging” from By Sophia Lee.

Cost of Course: $220 ish (I bought this course and the Pinterest course)

Time to Complete: 2 Weeks

I’ve just finished the course, so today I’m sharing a review + my thoughts on whether the course will be a fit for you! I am an affiliate for this course, which has incentivized me to write a review — and I’m gonna be SUPER honest about whether or not I think it’s worth the money.

Today, I wanted to shift gears a little bit and provide some insight and instruction to small businesses who are interested in influencer marketing. My inbox is FULL of small biz owners and solopreneurs who are INTRIGUED by influencer marketing — but also frightened.

So, today, I wanted to share my process and tips for leveraging influencer marketing for your business!

Note: When I talk about “influencer marketing” in this post, I specifically mean using online content creators (bloggers) to help sell product or grow brand awareness.

If you find this post helpful and want help building your influencer program…

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