How to Create an Invoice as an Influencer

Companies need an invoice to correctly track payments! If you’re trying to figure out how to design an invoice for a sponsor, read on!

I manage influencer partnerships for brands, and I also coach influencers — helping them raise their income!

A common issue I see in influencer partnerships is incorrect invoices. Many influencers (especially those newer to brand partnerships) send incorrect invoices.

Below, I’ve shared what I think is necessary for influencers to include in invoices. Some companies may want you to include other things, but this is how I do things.

(Note: When I work with a brand as an influencer, I always send an invoice and ask, “Do I need to add any info to the invoice?” Assuming only leads to issues, in my experience.)

Section 1: Your Info!

The first section of an invoice needs to have your full name (legal name!), and it can include your company name if you have formed a business entity as an influencer.

You must include a valid mailing address, as companies may need this for tax purposes. Companies need this even if they are paying electronically.

Some companies may use this info to mail you a check! Be sure to get information on how the payment will be sent before sending an invoice.

Section 2: Client Name

This is pretty self-explanatory!

Section 3: Payment Terms

This is critical! Your contract should have included contract terms as an influencer. In this section I would put:

  • Date of invoice (when is the campaign considered “complete” for billing? This is going to be different for everyone)
  • Payment Terms (FYI, Net 30 = a total of 30 days to pay, including weekends. Your payment terms should be in your contract or agreement.)
  • Invoice Number (You make this up on your end. These should be different!)
  • Payment method: A link to your PayPal. Many companies use or other method, so you may need to put your username or ID # here.

Section 4: Table with Line Items

In the next section, you need to include each piece of content and what the brand is paying for it. I would recommend having a line item for each piece of content. (Example: If I have posted to Instagram 3 different times, I have 3 different line items.)

Don’t know what a line item is? See where it says “Instagram Post” on the invoice above? That’s a line item! You’re separating out each task or piece of content to its own line.

Section 5: Include your contact email

The brand rep has your email, but the accountant probably doesn’t. Having your email makes it easier for them to contact you directly if the have a question.

Extra Tip

Before submitting, double check your contract and make sure all content has been posted. It’s really annoying as a brand to have to reject an invoice, because the influencer still has content to post.

Always make sure to ask for information the brand needs on the invoice. There’s not really a standard or perfect invoice, so do your due diligence! What did you agree to in the contract????!!!

I hope this blog post helps you plan and put together an invoice. Remember that there are many ways to format an invoice, and this is from my experience.




Queer feminist and activist. Designer via @Stanford. Freelance creative & consultant. Here to raise a little hell.

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Brianne Huntsman

Brianne Huntsman

Queer feminist and activist. Designer via @Stanford. Freelance creative & consultant. Here to raise a little hell.

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