Review of the MiloTree Pinterest Plug-In | Pinterest Pop Up for WordPress

If you’ve landed on this blog post, it’s probably because you’re deciding whether or not to pay for the MiloTree plug-in, a pop-up for WordPress designed to get more social media followers or email subscribers.

I’ve used the MiloTree plug-in to grow my Pinterest and Instagram following, and I’ve shared a review below!

[Note: I am an affiliate for MiloTree! If you choose to purchase based on my recommendation, please use my link. I will still share a **very** honest review, because MiloTree isn’t a fit for all bloggers!]

Overview of MiloTree Review

  • My Blog Traffic & Who I am || It’s important to understand my blogging niche and stats to make an educated decision for you!
  • How I found out about MiloTree
  • Overall Review of MiloTree Plug-In || Usability, install, etc
  • Impact of MiloTree on Pinterest Followers
  • Impact of MiloTree on Instagram Following
  • Is MiloTree a Fit for You and Your Blog?

<< Check out the MiloTree Website HERE!>>

From the MiloTree website

My Platform & Background

Hi, I’m Brianne! I’m a blogger behind The Huntswoman, and I also own a consulting agency, The Huntswoman Group, where I help solopreneurs reach their goals and consult on personal branding. I have 10+ years of experience in online marketing, and about 4 years of experience in blogging and influencer marketing.

In 2020, I decided to get super serious about growing my own blog. I’ve consulted and worked for a number of super successful bloggers, and I decided it was time to make my own magic happen! I decided to stop being a “king maker” for everyone else, and make concerted effort on my blog.

My blog, The Huntswoman, is a queer fashion and lifestyle blog. I cover plus size fashion, LGBT living and business/personal finance. I’ve been blogging regularly for about 3 years, starting first with Instagram and then adding my blog.

  • Blog Traffic: 10,000 to 20,000 sessions a month, depending on the time of year.
  • Blog Niche: Plus size fashion, LGBT topics and career/business

How I Found Out About MiloTree // Pinterest is Key to Blog Traffic

I knew from working with clients that Pinterest is *key* to growing site traffic. I used to spend almost 100% of my time making imagery for Instagram, and then had to recalibrate my business operations to include Pinterest.

When I first decided to focus on Pinterest, I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t really use the platform for more than photoshoot and inspiration for my fashion design work. So, I started listening to the Simple Pin podcast, and it made a hugeeeee difference in my Pinterest traffic!

On the podcast, Kate Ahl (founder of Simple Pin) interviewed Jillian (creator of MiloTree), and I signed up while sitting in a parking lot. If Kate was using MiloTree, then I was gonna use it!

Since then, I invested in Kate’s course (which is now part of her paid group), and I’ve recently invested in Sophia Lee’s Pinterest and Blogging courses (review found here).

Overall Review of MiloTree Plug-In

The MiloTree plug-in is SUPER friendly for people who don’t consider themselves “tech-savvy.” The options for customizing are limited intentionally, so that users don’t have an existential crisis trying to decide what to do!

  • 15 minutes to sign up and integrate with Pinterest
  • 20 minutes to add to blog
  • Super easy to use!

When it comes to making “backend” changes to my website, I am SUPER cautious. I’m not a WordPress developer!! It was very easy for me to follow instructions and set up the MiloTree pop up on my website.

MiloTree Settings
You can’t see it on this screenshot, but I have the “sparkle” effect on my pop up.

Impact of MiloTree on Pinterest Followers

I have seen an incredible increase in my Pinterest followers thanks to MiloTree. I joined in September of 2020, and I’ve seen about 100 new Pinterest followers a month. Before MiloTree, I had been getting maybe 10–20 a month.

I started with 730 Pinterest followers, and today (on February 17, 2021), I have 1,159.

I do recommend using the MiloTree pop up to grow your Pinterest following.

Check out my Pinterest here!

Impact of MiloTree on Instagram Followers

Seeing the impact of MiloTree on Pinterest, I decided to test out Instagram for a two weeks. “Will MiloTree increase my Instagram followers?” I asked.

It totally did NOT work. i got very few clicks on my Instagram pop up, and I shut it off quickly. The ROI is on Pinterest, not Instagram.

I do NOT recommend using the MiloTree pop up to grow an Instagram following.

Too Many Pop Ups? Will readers be annoyed?

I was concerned that having the MiloTree pop up for Pinterest PLUS having a pop up for email subscribers would get super annoying.

I haven’t seen a drop in average email sign ups a month since adding MiloTree, and I make the Pinterest pop up show up first — and then my email subscriber pop up shows up when a reader gets to the bottom of the post.

Most of my posts are 1,500 to 2,500 words, so there’s enough space in between. I think it would be annoying to the user if I wrote mostly 500 word blog posts.

Here’s what my MiloTree WordPress plug in looks like on mobile and

Is MiloTree a Fit for You and Your Blog?

Here are some key indicators to decide whether the MiloTree Pinterest WordPress plug-in is a fit for your blog:

  • Do you get a minimum of 5,000 visitors a month? || The plug-in converts visitors to Pinterest followers. If you’re not getting website visits over 5,000 then the ROI will likely be low. Put another way, MiloTree is NOT worth it if you haven’t reached 5,000 visitors a month.
  • Do you have a Pinterest Strategy in Place? || MiloTree is going to drive people to your Pinterest! If you’re not regularly pinning (I use Tailwind) and you don’t have your Pinterest set up for your blog, then you should wait on MiloTree. Get your Pinterest strategy figured out first!! Before signing up for MiloTree, be sure you are pinning at least 5 fresh pins a week to Pinterest.
  • Are you looking at Google Analytics for Traffic? || Before signing up for MiloTree, I would make sure that you understand how to use Google Analytics to figure out where blog traffic is coming from. An increase in followers on Pinterest should lead to an sessions due to Pinterest – but this isn’t guaranteed. (Tutorial here.)

Overall, I *do* recommend MiloTree

I am really impressed with the usability and design of the MiloTree plug-in. They’re not trying to be “all things to all people.” The analytics dashboard is easy to understand, and the plug-in is easy to install.

If you’re ready to test out MiloTree, click here

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